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Students make and submit world language-related food preparation tutorial videos. Our advisory board will select qualified videos according to the attached rubric. Those videos will be uploaded to the Why Learn Languages YouTube
and we will make a donation to our partner food banks for every 50 views a video gets. Unique to our campaign, we will donate boxes of food favored by different cultures to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every student who
submits a video will receive a participation certificate. To promote authentic learning and provide students with amazing food experiences in the target culture, we will award the three language programs that contribute the most video submissions gift cards from our partner restaurants.



Middle school students and high school students in Washington. To raise awareness amongst younger world language learners, we will hold another relevant program for elementary students. Stay tuned!


Year-round, but our Recognition Ceremony will be held in March (National Foreign Language Month).


Upload your video in MP4 format and the signed waiver form to an online folder. Fill out the online registration form and post your shared link without requesting access in the form:

Follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA and check out our website for updates!
There are more ways to get involved in the campaign.
1) Donate

2) Volunteer
3) Become our sponsor
Click here for more information.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Thank you for your interest in World Food Bridge! Your action helps! Let's change the world through food.

Did you know October 16 is World Food Day? Inspired by the 2021 Theme 'Our actions are our future', Why Learn Languages is launching a year-round social good campaign to encourage more students to take action to address food insecurity for families around Washington State. We are proud to introduce to you.
-- the 'World Food Bridge'


1 in 10 Washingtonians constantly struggle with hunger. 1 in 6 Washington kids live in a household that faces challenges in putting enough food on the table. (Hunger Facts - Northwest Harvest). We aim to build a bridge between our World Language students and communities so students can apply what they have learned in class to help hungry people in need. We believe that food connects us to the world and culture. Our goal is to encourage students in world language classrooms to inspire each other through hands-on and food-related cultural activities while making the curriculum
more engaging!


WLL student volunteers drop off donations at the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank's donation day!

Jason Award.JPG

Jason receives a certificate of appreciation and a gift card for the very first Japanese food tutorial video. Great job!

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