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Today, our world is increasingly interconnected, both economically and culturally. Mastering a world language broadens career options for students, enhances college prospects, celebrates the diversity within the classroom and school communities, provides greater access to social justice, and engenders unique cognitive benefits in learners throughout their lifetime. Therefore, world language education should be a core part of every globally minded, 21st century curriculum. In order for the nation to be able to respond to the ever-growing need for multilingual speakers, we need to respond to the current and future cultural needs of world language education.

Who Are We and What Are We Doing? 

Why Learn Languages (WLL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and generating interest in world language and culture, as well as connecting world language learning with other subject areas in the US education system.

Why Learn Languages Organization's mission is to bring more world language programs into K-12 curriculums in our local community. Our goal is to give US students the competitive edge and global perspective needed to succeed in the global economy and to increase world language learning capacity in Washington.

One staple event that we organize is the Why Learn Languages Competition (WLL Competition). It unites middle school and high school students through an essay and poster submissions regarding prompts that promote language learning. For more information, please go to the WLL Competition section.

We are dedicated to bringing you exciting events throughout the year, so if you want to be sure not to miss any updates, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our free newsletter.

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